Collection of videos relating to Pleasley Pit

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Welcome to an amazing set of YouTube videos that tell the story of Pleasley Pit. These videos will take you on an adventure through time and space, from the past to the present and beyond. Each one offers a unique glimpse into this historical site in Derbyshire.

All these videos invite you to learn more about Pleasley Pit, its history, and how people are working to keep its memory alive. Enjoy!

The Magnificent Lancaster Bomber over Pleasley Colliery

It shows the 150th birthday party of the colliery. You'll see a cool WWII aircraft, the Lancaster Bomber, flying over the mining site. It's a great way to mark a special day and to remember how hard people worked at the pit.

"A Mining Song" 

sung by Hank Taylor, who used to be a miner himself. He filmed his song at Pleasley Colliery and the areas near it in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England. The song is very emotional and helps us understand the strong bonds formed by the miners and the tough challenges they overcame.

Pleasley Colliery when it was still a busy coal mine. You'll see the old buildings that aren't there anymore and the steam winder engines, the big machines that were used to lift the coal out of the ground. 

Slideshow filled with pictures taken at the old Pleasley Colliery site in May 2009. The slideshow is a quiet trip through the now-silent pit, capturing the feel and the look of this historical site as it waits for its new life to begin.

A drone flight of "Pleasley Pit Country Park". It's a peaceful place where you can enjoy nature and also learn about the history of Pleasley Pit.

Working Man-David Alexander,  includes old Photo's of Pleasley Colliery

Friends of Pleasley Pit and Pleasley Pit Trust run the North restored engine. It's a big event that shows how much people care about keeping their history alive.

Dennis Skinner, a well-known political figure, also shares his thoughts on the heritage project at Pleasley Pit. His words add more meaning to the importance of this project.

"Flight over Pleasley Colliery" from February 2023. It's a chance to see the old mine from high in the sky, offering a view you've may never seen before.

Pictures of Pleasley Colliery above and below ground courtesy 

Dennis Hall, a former coal miner, shares his stories of working at Pleasley Pit in Derbyshire. Listening to him talk about his life and work at the pit is like going back in time.