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Welcome to our gallery, a treasure trove of amazing photos that capture the essence of our heritage and natural surroundings. Get ready to embark on a visual journey through history and nature, as you explore pictures of coal mining artifacts, Victorian-era coal mine buildings, our nature reserve, and so much more. 

Coal Mining Artefacts & Steam Winding Engines

Our collection starts with remarkable photographs of coal mining artefacts. These pictures offer a rare glimpse into the past, highlighting tools and machinery used in the coal mining industry. Among these are the powerful steam winding engines, a testament to the ingenuity of our ancestors. Their strong and intricate details captured in our photographs will transport you back in time.

Victorian-era Coal Mine Buildings

Next, we invite you to marvel at the sturdy old buildings from the Victorian era, where the coal miners once worked. Our photographs showcase these architectural marvels in all their glory, preserving their rich history for everyone to appreciate. Each image tells a story of the hardworking men and women who worked tirelessly in these buildings.

Nature Reserve, Lake, & Ponds

From history, we transition into the vibrant natural world. Our nature reserve is a sanctuary for diverse wildlife and plant species. The gallery features stunning photos of the reserve, the serene lake, and peaceful ponds. Every picture brings out the beauty of our natural surroundings and offers a relaxing visual treat. 

Footpaths & Cycleways

The gallery also includes images of our picturesque footpaths and cycleways. These paths are perfect for leisurely strolls or invigorating bike rides. The photos beautifully capture the essence of these routes, inviting you to explore them in person.

Birds, Dragonflies, & More

Animal lovers will appreciate our collection of photographs featuring the various bird species that inhabit the nature reserve. The vibrant images of dragonflies and other insects add an extra touch of enchantment. Each snapshot celebrates the rich biodiversity of our region.

Sunsets, Dawns, & Headstocks

Our gallery would not be complete without breathtaking shots of sunsets and dawns. The dazzling colors of the sky beautifully contrast with the silhouette of the headstocks, creating a dramatic scene that’s a feast for the eyes. 

Activities & Events

Last but not least, our gallery also showcases photos of the numerous activities and events that we host. From thrilling adventures to peaceful meditation sessions, each photograph encapsulates the fun, excitement, and tranquility that our visitors experience. 

Our gallery is more than just a collection of photos. It's a visual narrative that weaves together the past, the present, and the diverse life that thrives in our region. So, take your time, explore our gallery, and let our photographs inspire you to come and experience everything we have to offer in person. Who knows? You might even create some picture-perfect memories of your own!

South Winder
Coal Shovel Collection
South Winder
Entrance to North Winding Engine
View of the Pit from the Nature Reserve
South Headstock
North Headstock
Early Views from the hill
View from Hill
South Headstock and engine house
Pit by Bike light
Pit Chimney
South Winding Engine
Winding Engine Control
North Engine
South Engine
Control Room
Headstock By Moonlight
Dusk at the Pit
Early days from the nature reserve
North Winder
South Shaft
Picture from the North
View of Chimney from within
Nature Reserve
Friendly Coffee
Inside the Cafe
Inside Cafe
Archaeological way
Angel Awards 2011
Glorious Summer
View from Nature reserve
View From The Lake
Florence Nightingale
Pleasley 1926
Pleasley 1927
Lancaster Flyover
Anniversary Event
Coal Magazine
Coal Holidays
Miners Lamp show
Cycle Path
Jaguar Car Club
Derelict Places

From The Neolithic To The Sea: A Journey From The Past To The Present

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