Rowthorne & Pleasley Trails

Explore the old Railways lines that linked the local historic Pit sites

The Rowthorne Trail is a beautiful route suitable for walkers and cyclists, offering connections to a wider network. While some parts of the trail are unpaved and may have steep slopes and steps, cyclists should exercise caution and always yield to pedestrians.

The Rowthorne Trail forms a section of the Phoenix Greenways, a series of trails spanning across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. These trails were once railway lines used by local coal mines but have since been repurposed for recreational use. They now provide excellent opportunities for walking, cycling, and, in certain areas, horseback riding.

As you traverse the trail, you will pass through the Rowthorne Local Nature Reserve (LNR), which boasts a diverse range of wildlife habitats. These include enchanting mature oak and ash woodlands, colorful wildflower meadows, limestone grassland terraces, and serene pools and wetlands.

Additionally, at the Batley Lane end of the trail, the LNR encompasses a portion of the Teversal to Pleasley Site of Special Scientific Interest. This designation highlights the ecological significance of the area and further emphasizes the natural beauty and importance of the Rowthorne Trail.

Trails Map